Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there any age restrictions?

Yes. If you are below 21 years old, you will need someone about 21 years old to sign the contract together with you.

2. What products can I sell? Any restriction?

Only authentic and licensed products can be sold. For products that come in contact with the body, we will need an approval from HSA.

3. What is the minimum contract period?

Minimum 3 months.

4. Must we place any security deposit?

Yes, one month refundable rental deposit will be collected.

5. What is the 10% sales commission charged?

For  Mall’s commission, Staff commission, POS rental, Transaction fees, Misc.

6. What are the boxes available?

To know the boxes available, please visit our outlet to enquire.

7.What are the sizes of the box?

Check it out ‘Cube

8. Are we in charge of our box decoration?

Yes but you are not allow to damage the cube.

9. Do we set the price of our products?

Yes, but have to be 1 price to prevent price war

10. How do I check my sales?

You will be given an ID  and password to login to our website to check your sales real time.

11. How do I get my sales proceeds?

We will transfer your monthly sales amount to your bank account by the 7th of the following month.

12. How do I terminate the contract?

To terminate your contract, you will need to give us a one month notice period.

13. When can I stock up my box?

Anytime but please prevent weekends and peak hour. Last stock up at 8pm